Kitty Klinic
4411 Lacey Blvd SE
Lacey, WA 98503
Our Staff

Dr. Kate Lindley graduated from W.S.U. veterinary school in 1985. She was an Abyssinian breeder fro 30 years and received a cat fancier's scholarship. She is the author of "This is the Abyssinian Cat" (ISBN:978-0876668665), as well as numerous articles. Dr. Lindley has a B.S. in microbiology and a Masters degree in teaching biology. She was a teacher for several years before entering veterinary school. Dr. Lindley purchased the Kitty Klinic in 1988 and has been practicing happily ever since. She is mother of two daughters and over 40 pets (fish included), and has a special interest in reptiles and art.

Dr. Donna Fellows graduated from U.C. Davis Veterinary School in 1973. After two years in an equine residency at the University of Illinois, she spent five years in mixed animal practice in California. In 1981 she moved to Washington State to join the Kitty Klinic staff. She especially enjoys working with geriatric cats and their dedicated owners.

Dr. Leslie Miller graduated from U.C. Davis Veterinary School in 1991 and spent her first few years at a cat specialty practice in San Francisco. Joining the Kitty Klinic staff in 2000, Dr. Miller is the mother of three active kids and married to a physician. She has five cats and a tortoise, and spends her free time quilting.

Dr. Sharon Starry graduated from W.S.U. School of Veterinary Medicine in 1984. She worked for a mixed animal practice for 15 years, but is now concentrating on small animal medicine with a special interest in endocrinology. A ferret fan, she is married with two sons, two dogs, three cats and a fish. She spends time gardening (feeding the local wildlife, mostly) and avoiding major injuries while biking, boating and skiing with her family.

Ron Roach A.H.T. has been a licensed technician since 1986, and has actively involved himself with raising and showing guinea pigs, birds, fowl and rodents for many years. He is the backbone of the Kitty Klinic - trying to keep four doctors happy.

Pam Bryant is the office manager. Pam has been keeping things running smoothly since 1996. She has a special interest in birds and reptiles, and is the one "in the know" for all things front office.

Abbi is the veterinary assistant helping out in the laboratory, assisting doctors and many countless other daily tasks that keep the clinic up and running.

Felecia is a veterinary Assistant and Receptionist helping out at the front desk as well as with daily Laboratory procedures, assisting the doctors and many other daily tasks that may be needed.

Amee assists up in the kitty Komfort-Inn taking care of the boarding facility as well as helping with daily tasks in the clinic as a veterinary assistant.