Kitty Komfort Inn

Located above Kitty Klinic veterinary hospital, the Kitty Komfort Inn is the ‘next best place to home’ to board your cat, ferret, bird, rabbit, rodent or exotic small pet in a ‘dog free’ environment.

Amenities include: 4’X4’X8′ themed rooms with detailed painted doors, 16″ tiled heated window sills, fountains with filtered water, hammock beds, low and high shelves, access ramp, and a bird’s eye view of the great outdoors!

Our facility provides access to the 2nd floor with a stair-chair for those unable to climb the stairs.

Your pet’s health is very important to us. We feature individual venting of each suite, customized care to be as ‘home-like’ as possible, on-site veterinary care and supervision, twice daily room service, tender loving care by trained staff, grooming, massage, and extra large litter boxes. All surfaces are sanitized between pets and boarders only interact with other family members.

Pet Boarding Rooms

Economy condos:
Single occupancy – $20 / night
Includes: 2 times/day room service

Basic Cat Suite:
Single occupancy – $30 / night
Double occupancy – $50 / night
Includes: 2 times/day room service

Family Suites:
Single occupancy – $40 / night
Double occupancy – $60 / night
Triple occupancy – $80/ night
Quadruple occupancy – $100/ night
Includes: 2 times/day room service

Boarding Other Animals:

  • Small exotics such as small birds (budgies, canaries, finches etc…), small reptiles, mice, rats, rabbits, fish, etc… in their own cages can be kept in the conference room at $20.00/night per cage
  • Large exotics who occupy a suite pay $30/night with or without a cage

Additional Services

  • Treatments such as shots or pills $5.00/ea
  • Medicine mixed into food $5.00 each time
  • E-mail report $10.00 each time without pictures
  • E-mail report $15.00 each time with pictures
  • $15.00 to hand feed diabetic cats prior to insulin injection
  • $20.00 for light brushing of your pet
  • $20.00 for a nail trim when boarding (extra $10.00 fee for spirited cat)
  • Spirited cat fee (cats requiring more than one person to treat) $10.00 each time

Proof of vaccines (FVRCP) are required for boarding. Effective January 1st, 2012 all cats will be required to be current on Rabies by Washington State Law.

Proof of vaccines (RHDV2) for Rabbits are required for boarding with us as of January 1st, 2023.

You will also need to complete a Boarding Contract about a week before you board your pet with us. We will send an emailed copy to fill out before the dates requested if your reservation request is confirmed.

**Please allow us 24-48 hours to directly confirm your reservation after you place your request. If you are looking for a same day/short notice reservation please call us directly to discuss options and availability.

***The request form does not guarantee a reservation but helps us expedite the booking process when we have the availability.

Reservation Request

Reservation Request

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Pets over 13 years old must be approved by our doctor before we can schedule boarding. This means we must have the prior records before we can schedule your pet for boarding to get approval.

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