Kitty Klinic
4411 Lacey Blvd SE
Lacey, WA 98503
Kitty Klinic
Covid-19 Information
The Kitty Klinic has made a number of changes to keep you, our staff, and our community safe from Covid infection while providing necessary services to keep your pets healthy. We ask that after you park, call the clinic and we will direct you to the next step. We are limiting the number of people in the building at one time but we have an outdoor service window if you are picking up supplies or paying for services. If you wish to stay in your car during the appointment we will pick-up and deliver your pet to your car. You can run an errand or wait in your vehicle. Afterward, you can pay by phone and the doctor will call you with her results. If you wish to be present during the exam check-in at the desk in the foyer when directed to enter the building. We ask you to wait outside of the examination room while our assistants take your pet's weight and temperature. Of course, we require masks covering your nose and mouth at all times and social distancing. We are disinfecting regularly and encourage the utilization of our drop-off service.

Kitty Klinic is a full service veterinary practice for cats and small exotic animals serving the communities of Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater Washington. Pet boarding, medicine, surgery and dentistry are offered as well as many brands of cat food, flea products and cat toys. Additional services include grooming, behavioral consultations, parasite control, pharmacy, radiology, full laboratory and bird grooming.

Kitty Klinic Is Proud To Announce FEAR FREE certification!
Reducing fear benefits you and your pet by decreasing stress and it lays the groundwork for happier future visits. You will notice changes as we use toys and food as distractions and reduce hospital sounds and smells with music, catnip and pheromone sprayed warn towels. To help us comfort your pet please bring a favorite treat, brush, toy or item of bedding, and make the carrier a happy and familiar place at home.

NEW! In-Home Patient Care and Transportation

Kitty Klinic was voted Neighborhood Favorite veterinarian 2017. Only 1% of all local businesses won this award. Thank you to all the people who voted for us.

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