The Kitty Klinic is a full service Veterinary Hospital for cats and small exotic pets.

The Kitty Klinic was established more than 60 years ago and is staffed by doctors with over 100 years combined cat practice experience. Technicians, assistants and front office staff all have special cats they cherish so we understand your concerns about your pet’s health. We provide services to cats, birds, rabbits, rodents, ferrets, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, reptiles, prairie dogs and other small exotic pets.

The clinic provides medical, surgical and dental services. It has a full state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory for both cats and exotics. Our microscope is able to save and enhance digital images for consult with outside laboratories. We have a digital x-ray machine and an ultrasound that can send images for review by specialists. Our anesthetic monitor measures 7 parameters for surgical safety and even our smallest patients are monitored during anesthesia.

We have a complete pharmacy and can liquify then custom flavor most pills and some medications are available in a transdermal form that is rubbed into the ear. We stock many kinds of prescription cat foods and provide Both Hills and Purina products for home delivery.

Kitty Klinic believes in stress reduction for veterinary visits and we are fear free certified, so warm towels, catnip plants, pheromone diffusers, treat-trays and toys are used during examination and medical procedures. Anti-anxiety medications may be dispensed before and during visits. We offer a home-transportation service for pets to and from the clinic. Our assistant team can come to your house and provide many basic services such as medications and grooming once the pandemic is over. Kitty Klinic offers a Health Savings plan to help you budget veterinary care. We are happy to generate an estimate before any service is provided as we do not believe in hidden costs and strive to keep our services affordable. We are a certified green business by Thurston County. Telemedicine, microchipping, euthanasia and cremation services, behavioral consultation, flea control products, grooming and other services are also available.

Pet Boarding Room Hallway

NOTE: Currently, with the exception of euthanasia, we are only offering curbside pet drop-off and pickup service .

The Kitty Klinic has made a number of changes to keep you, our staff, and our community safe from Covid infection while providing necessary services to keep your pets healthy. We ask that after you park, call the clinic and we will direct you to the next step. We have an outdoor service window if you are picking up supplies or paying for services. We will pick-up and deliver your pet to your car. You can run an errand or wait in your vehicle. Afterward, you can pay by phone and the doctor will call you with her results. Of course, we require masks covering your nose and mouth at all times you are interacting with our staff or others, and please observe social distancing.

Located above the Kitty Klinic in the second story is our colorful deluxe boarding facility. Each 4x4x8 themed suite has a heated window sill, water fountain, hammock, climbing ramp and is individually vented to the outside of the building to prevent spread of germs. We provide tender loving customized care for each boarder, extra-large litter boxes, filtered water, and twice daily room service with sanitization. Family suites and smaller units are also available. E-mail reports. grooming, medicating, video cat entertainment, vaccinations and other services are also available.